The First Visual Kei Subscription Box

International visual-kei
music fans don’t have it easy.


You love supporting the bands and discovering new music, but it’s often a labor of love.  In addition to being unable to attend most lives, you also have to deal with:


  • Shopping service wait times and fees.
  • International shipping prices.
  • Purchasing from stores using a language you might not be able to read.
  • Limited size options for band tees.
  • Lack of access to exclusive items.

“Everything exceeded expectation.”

– Gothshine

Our solution is an exclusive experience,
created directly with the artists.

The Jrock Vault bimonthly subscription box introduces you to a new artist every time we ship.

The main vault includes a t-shirt in American sizes S-3X, CD single, poster, and lots of cool bonuses.  We collaborate with the bands featured to create their vault, and our box helps to financially support their work.

Shipping to the continental USA is free, and yes we do ship internationally!

This is a Pre-Order

Your first box will be shipping April 10th

Ordering now ensures that you will get a box.
When the artist is announced there will only be a limited number of spots available for each box/shirt size.

You will not be charged again until the end of May 2018.

We have two options:

*Good for the lifetime of that subscription.  If the subscriber cancels then founding member status will be lost.

**Founding member status means priority for autographed items, bonus goods, and other merch.

Pre-orders are only available until March 02 2018.








Let’s answer some of your questions

What does bimonthly mean?
We ship Jrock Vault 6 times a year.  This means that you will receive a box every other month.
When does Jrock Vault ship?
The box ships bimonthly (every other month.)  We ship in February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Exact shipping date may vary, but should ship around the 10th day of the month.  We will send you an e-mail to confirm shipment and provide the tracking number.
Is this official merchandise?
Yes!  We work directly with the artist and even pay market rate for certain items like CD’s.  Some of the goods are imported directly from Japan, and some goods are unique collaborations with the artist.
What is the billing schedule?
We bill the 25th BEFORE shipping.
This will be January 25th, March 25th, May 25th, July 25th, September 25th, and November 25th.
Why is Jrock Vault so expensive?
We work directly with the artist and even pay market rate for certain items like CD’s.  Most subscription boxes receive all of their items for free or at a deep discount, then charge the companies for marketing to you, but we decided that the box should help support the artists too.  We think it’s a pretty good value, especially when you factor in the exclusive nature of some items or shipping and shopping service fees when ordering from Japan.
When will new subscriptions be available again?
We have to order materials as much as 2 months in advance for some items.  Thus we have a very limited supply of spots available during our open order period.

We will have a 1 week window after subscriptions are processed to accept new subscribers who wish to receive that months vault.  The only way to ensure that you will receive a particular box is to keep your subscription current.

Will we know the artists ahead of time?
We do not announce the artist until after we have shipped our boxes out to subscribers.  The artist will be announced as we begin an open order period for new subscribers.
What is the return policy?
All sales are final.  If you would no longer like to receive Jrock Vault then please cancel your subscription before the renewal date.  In the event that a return of funds is necessary, please note that we are not responsible for any changes in currency exchange rates.  Since purchases are made in US dollars, refunds will be made in the same amount of US dollars.
What is an artist branded box?
Our current boxes are 12x9x2″ gloss coated shipping crates.  We create a custom box with each artist.  The boxes are also shrink wrapped so that all mailing labels and stickers can be easily removed.  We hope you will enjoy using them over and over again for storing your goods.
How do the shirts fit?
The shirts tend to fit as expected for straight sizes, and roomy for plus sizes.  Fit will obviously depend on your particular shape.

This is a size chart from our manufacturer.  Please note that the chart shows the inches measured across an item while it is laid flat.

Jrock Vault Shirt Sizes

What bonus items will come with the subscription?
Bonus items will vary by month depending on what we can arrange with a particular artist, and how much stock they have to work with.

We’re working really hard to include autographed items, bonus merch, flyers, cheki, and other goods.  We can’t promise a certain type or particular number.

Can I update/cancel my subscription on my own?
Yes!  You can update everything on your own and you don’t have to send an e-mail to cancel.  The only thing you may need to contact us for is to change your shirt size.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes!  As long as we can legally ship to your country, we will ship there.  Unfortunately due to the cost, we cannot include international shipping for free.  Our website will calculate shipping price during checkout.