We’re very proud to announce that the April 2018, and very first, Jrock Vault release is featuring the artist Kaya!

Kaya is a solo vocalist whose unique aesthetic encompasses both his extraordinary costumes and alluring voice.  You’ll never forget it once you’ve heard it.

His songs fuse dance music with poetic lyrics and a worldview all his own.  Kaya delights audiences all over the world, including America, South America, and Europe.

It was fun to put together such a colorful box!  The outside is covered completely in pink to blue gradient roses, mimicking the background of his promotional photo for FABULOUS.  Kaya is on the cover wearing a gothic style club outfit in which he dons a corset, fishnets, and shockingly chic cropped hair

The t-shirts featured in this box use the same graphic design that is being used for merch in Japan.  Kaya picked the cardinal red color himself.  We like that it matches the floor of his club photo pics, and that these shirts are unique to Jrock Vault.  You cannot get this exact design, color option, or size range anywhere else!


Since we couldn’t decide between costumes for the poster, we decided to print a double-sided poster!  This is not something we’ll be able to do all the time, but we thought it would be a great way to add value to our very first box.  When hanging you can choose between both costumes Kaya came out with for the FABULOUS single!

Visual kei artist KayaKaya 2018

Possible bonus merch items include cheki, bonus CD’s, DVD’s, autographed items, and other merchandise.  Some boxes will even be getting full albums instead of a single!  Remember that not all Jrock Vault boxes will get bonus items each time.  There are a lot of factors that go into how many bonus items we can get our hands on.  However, everyone who participated in our pre-order campaign obtained the added benefit of “Founding Vault Member Status.”  This means they will get priority selection for bonus items as long as they keep their subscriptions active!

The boxes also included a photo card, and a QR code card.  We decided to go with a QR code card for the artist information so that we could make that information more interactive. To use open your camera on iPhone, or use a QR code scanner on an Android phone.  Point it at the QR code then open the URL.  You then need to enter the password on the card to access the page.  The page includes lots of information about the artist as well as a question and answer section!

If you didn’t snag a subscription but want to get a hold of this box – don’t worry!  We’re about to open up for new subscribers, and you can start your new subscription with the Kaya Vault.  Supplies will be limited, so make sure that you don’t delay!  Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the cart opens.






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