What is Jrock Vault?
Jrock Vault is a bimonthly luxury subscription service that caters to Jrock and visual kei fans.  We work directly with Japanese musicians to create a mailbox experience where they can introduce themselves to you.  You’ll receive merchandise, music, and more!

When does Jrock Vault ship?
The box ships bimonthly (every other month.)  We ship in February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Exact shipping date may vary but should ship towards the end of the month.  We will send you an e-mail to confirm shipment and provide the tracking number.

Is this official merchandise?
Yes!  We work directly with the artist and even pay market rate for certain items like CD’s.  Some of the goods are imported directly from Japan, and some goods we create in the United States in collaboration with the artist.

Why is Jrock Vault so expensive?
We work directly with the artist and even pay market rate for certain items like CD’s.  Most subscription boxes receive all of their items for free or at a deep discount, then charge the companies for marketing to you, but we decided that the box should help support the artists too.  We think it’s a pretty good value, especially when you factor in the exclusive nature of some items or shipping and shopping service fees when ordering from Japan.

Will we know the artist ahead of time?
We do not announce the artist until after we have processed renewals for our subscribers.  The artist will be announced as we begin an open order period for new subscribers.

What artists have you done in the past?
You can check out previous designs on our t-shirt gallery page.  (A gallery page of previous vaults will also be created soon!)

How big is the box?
The full-sized vault is 12″x 9″x 2″.  The box size may vary due to the size of items included.  The mini vault uses a plain smaller box.


Do you ship internationally?
Yes!  As long as we can legally ship to your country, we will ship there.  Unfortunately, due to the cost, we cannot include international shipping for free.  Our website will calculate shipping price during checkout.

Is there tracking & insurance?
Yes, all packages are insured and tracking is included.  Tracking may not work for some international customers but works in most countries.

How is the box packed?
Our boxes are packed and shipped at our warehouse in Texas.  Posters are rolled in plastic tubes, CD’s are wrapped with bubble wrap, and the rest of the box is packed with tissue paper.  The box itself is shrink-wrapped before shipping to prevent water damage.

What if something is damaged?
If something is damaged please contact [email protected]  Please send pictures of the damaged items and we will do our best to replace them.  Please note that the shipping box itself may get damaged during shipping, though we’ve done our best to ensure it arrives in good condition.  Unfortunately, we do not have control over how careful your postal carrier is with the box.


How do I cancel my subscription?  
You can cancel your subscription by logging in to our website.  Click on “My Account”, then click on “Subscriptions, then select the subscription number or “view” button.  From there you can cancel your subscription.

How do I update my address?
You can update your address by logging in to our website.  Click on “My Account”, then click on “addresses.”  From there you can update your billing and shipping address.

Can I change my shirt size?
Yes!  You should be able to do this from our website but if you have any trouble please e-mail [email protected]  Please note that this will effect the NEXT box you order after making the change.

What are Vault Points?
You earn Vault Points for each $1 spent on the Jrock Vault website.  Points can be redeemed for money off merchandise in the Jrock Vault store. They do not currently work for money of off of subscriptions due to limitations in our software, but each renewal of a subscription does add points to your balance.  You can check your balance by logging in to your account and selecting “Vault Points.”


If you are allergic to cats please be aware that there are a few cats who live in our main warehouse.  While we do our best to ensure that they are nowhere near our storage and packing rooms, we know that some people have severe allergies and even the smallest exposure can be an issue.  Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have a way to ship separately from an animal-free location.  Thank you for understanding.  Our shirts are shrink wrapped before arriving at our main warehouse, but all other items are packaged there before being boxed up.

Return Policy

All sales are final.  If you would no longer like to receive Jrock Vault then please cancel your subscription before the renewal date.  In the event that a return of funds is necessary, please note that we are not responsible for any changes in currency exchange rates.